Statistics and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

In this new era of science, the word ‘Statistics’ has a fascinating sense of hidden insights and analytics, data modelling, mining, learning from features, all about huge data management approaches by analyzing, interpreting, representing by figures and predicting for next decades and so on. World is hunting for big data analysts, world is getting hunger for researchers, data scientists and statisticians.

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Graphics using R

R is a free software for statistical analysis and graphics. It has become widely popular among statisticians as well as people from other disciplines. It is a free software, and can be downloaded from here.  There are various functions in R to construct graphs. Moreover, graphs are more flexible way to visualize information extracting from data.    In light of this situation, the aim of this article is to give some ideas on producing graphs using R. Hope this will be helpful for R learners. Continue reading Graphics using R

A Ready-made Beamer Presentation Template

In this article, a beamer template is provided which can be used as is or with minimum modification. Beamer is used among the scientific community to produce beautiful and fancy presentations where the content is predominantly mathematical. Powerpoint is perhaps better suited for non-mathematical presentations, whereas beamer shines where there is math!

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Where to Study Master of Public Health (MPH) in Canada

There is a great interest among students from Indian subcontinent to study public health in US/Canadian universities. Here is a short list of Master of Public Health (MPH) program offered at some Canadian top-ranked universities. I intend to update this as I find more information. The contents are mostly compiled from their respective sources, yet I recommend you to visit their pages for updated information.

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